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About Us

Film Making

We are a non-profit organisation. Film making is a passion for our members.

Our aim is to bring together like-minded people, regardless of age or experience, to produce and make films in and around the Manchester area.

If you have dreamt about making or taking part in a film Didsbury Film is here to enable you to realise that dream. No experience necessary, only enthusiasm & a sense of fun, although experience is always welcome.

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Films we make

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Taking an original idea, script or screenplay and transforming into a film is possibly the most satisfying aspect of film making. This is an area we are developing rapidly and have completed two short films; The Oranges & It's a Steal. We have more films in production & post production as well as a couple in pre-production. However, we are always looking for new ideas to develop.

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The planning of a documentary can be a lengthy process due to the research required to ensure factual accuracy. However, that does give time to develop ideas for shooting. We have made two docudramas, which are available on DVD; A History of Didsbury & Ghosts of Didsbury, the former selling 800+ copies to date.

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We have made several promo films for local charities and businesses. These are interesting and challenging as we strive to deliver something unique. Some of the organisations we have worked with are:

  • South Manchester Credit Union

  • Southway Housing Trust

  • Didsbury Good Neighbours

  • Didsbury Beer Festival

  • Fabulous Forgetful Friends

  • The Weekend Day Centre for Dementia Care

  • Shulan Clinic – Chinese Traditional Medicine

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Join Us

We welcome new members who have an interest in the following

  • Acting

  • Art/Graphic design

  • Camera operation

  • Directing

  • Editing

  • Hair & Make-up

  • Lighting

  • Music

  • Producing

  • Props & costume

  • Script writing/Script development

  • Sound

  • Stills photography

  • Storyboards

  • Visual effects

  • Writing



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The Old Parsonage, Stenner Lane, Didsbury Manchester, M20 2RQ

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